Figure sets for conversations about personal relationships

Developed by Steven Balmbra for use in professional consultations.

Visualisation with figures brings a fresh element to conversations about relationships that matter.

  • Family conversations that engage children on their own terms
  • Form relationship overviews, family sculptures, genograms, social network maps, spectograms and talk about how the people get on
  • Illustrate situations through different perspectives and discuss the differences in points of view

The People in my Life figure set has been developed for making figure arrangements to help people to talk about their relationships in counselling and therapy. 
Figures arrangements are effective aids for bringing out creative and constructive dialogue and stories about relationships.  They provide new perspectives and ideas about how to understand and deal with difficulties and dilemmas. 
The People in my Life set of figures has been developed specifically for professional consultations in relationship guidance, psychological, health, educational and social services.

One set of figures in two media

People in my Life is one set of figures that comes in two media:
As a set of stand-up figures
As a digital set for data tablets laptops and PCs
Both versions facilitate conversations that arise from the choosing and placement of figures, surveying a wider context of relationships, comparing and contrasting various perspectives and exploring understandings of events and situations.

Steven Balmbra introduces People in my Life

This short film clip is taken from a conversation between Steven Balmbra, the developer of People in my Life, and his friend, Nick Ingham, a retired psychotherapist.  There are more clips taken from the conversation on the website.

The People in my Life Figure Set

The People in my Life figure set has over 300 colourful, two-sided figures. The figures can be placed in rows in their two display boxes, ready for selection, in the order that suits your working setting. When selected, they can either be laid flat on a tabletop or stood upright in their figure stands.  The set also contains six patterned backgrounds, design to assist the placement of the figures.

The People in my Life Digital Set

Made for use with data tablets, laptops and PCs, the People in my Life Digital Set has the same comprehensive range of figures and backgrounds, with the additional of symbols and a text function.  Figures are selected and placed with the touch of a finger on a screen or pad and can be moved around, flipped, and turned.  The backgrounds can be swapped, and figure arrangement can be saved as the conversation progresses. This version is particularly suitable for conversations with children and young people who are well accustomed to relating to on-screen images.  It works well with families and groups when using a second screen.  
The data program runs off-line, and all data is encrypted and encapsulated to ensure data security. 
People in my Life Digital Set can be tried out for 30 days free of charge.

Relationship Overviews

The People in my Life set of figures is varied and comprehensive, designed to represent people with a wide range of ages, styles, and backgrounds with social network. It has been designed specifically for creating relationship overviews. Relationship overviews are formed when figures are set out and arranged to show understandings about how people are getting on with each other. They provide a visual and spatial impression of how the various relationships and groupings influence each other. Viewing a broader picture can give new information that leads to a shift in understanding and constructive discussion of how best to deal with difficulties.

Read more about this at the Relationship Overviews website. 

Ordering People in my Life

People in my Life Figure Set – Price €120.  Orders and inquires to Banter AS at 

The latest version of People in my Life Digital Set will shortly be available for Android data tablets at Google Play Store with a 30-day free trial and a yearly subscription.
Versions for Windows and iOS are expected to be available in June 2020.

Contact list

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The People in my Life development team

People in my Life was developed by Steven Balmbra, a British family therapist living in Norway, graphic designer Birgit Pihl, program designer Per-Henrik Kvalnes and programmer Jan-Kåre Reppe. 
The People in my Life is produced in Norway and marketed by Banter AS.  The Figure Set is assembled by Vev-Al-Plast AS, a company that provides work experience and training to people with disabilities and other difficulties in gaining employment. 
The development has received support from KunnskapsParken Bodø and Innovasjon Norway.
Photographs by Ian Dawson, Bjørnar Hansen, and Steven Balmbra.
This website is written by Steven Balmbra with help from Nick Ingham.  It is built and maintained by Christer Olsen at Vindir AS.

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