Boxed Figure Set



The Figures

The Backgrounds

The Display Boxes

The Figure Stands



The Figures

Why are there so many figures?

The figures are two-dimensional, coloufully printed front and back, so that the set is light and managable, despite the large number. The figures are printed on highly durable NeverTear polyester paper. The set also contains 100 small card stands with their own small box, and the figures can easily be slipped in and out of them. Without the stands figures can be laid flat on the table, but with them they stand up stably.

The figure set has been made to suit people with a variety of backgrounds and be fairly representative of a multi-national population.  The figures are designed with minimal, neutral facial features.  The vary in age-group, size, hair and skin hue and clothing colour and style.  There is a small degree of cultural adaptation, but most most cultural variations will have to be imagined.  Even so the set contains about 300 different figures, all of which can be arranged ready for selection in 3 display boxes. 

Women, girls, babies, men, boys and some special figures.

The fantasy figures - Good Helpers


Fantasy figures - Trouble Trolls

Red Blue Gru

The Backgrounds

Ther are several background that can be used to give extra structure to the overview. The figures are supplimented with five different backgrounds, printed on A3 paper.  The backgrounds are available as pdf files on this site and can be printed out for re-newal.

The hexagon background was developed for conversations with children. The centre hexagon is made for the persons figure.

The Boxes

The boxes are divided into rows and the figure can be stood against the inner walls. There are 13 rows in each box ans ech row has place for at least 8 adult figures.

Cunningly made for displaying figuers with and without their stands.

The Stands


For any kind of card.


Box, Post-it. Cars and houses

Will add to your fun.


Using figures

Setting up figures

Ordering the Boxed Figure Set

The boxed figure set will be available from October 2019 and the first batch will be sold at a lower introductory price.  For more information about pricing and ordering, please e-mail us.  If can also register your contact details if you would like to be kept up to date on developments.  We are not sponsored by advertisers and we will not to share any information about you.

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